Remember a loved one
through a tribute gift.

Personalized gift funds are created to make contributions in the name of someone who has passed away. You can create a fund in their memory, or contribute to one that’s already been set up.

Annie Laura Powell

February 27, 1936 –

February 12, 2020

Linda Leigh Hursh

May 9, 1942 – May 4, 2019

Maureen Cavazos Maynard

Mar., 30, 1952 – Feb., 21, 2021

Don and Bea Stoner


“In honor of Don and Bea Stoner, mentors, friends and lovers of the arts! We are so grateful for your love, guidance and support over the years.”

Jill Thompson and Donita Beauer.

H. Webster
Walker III

September 4, 1953 – May 21, 2018

“In memory of my father, H. Webster Walker III, much appreciation” 

Jane W. Blake

Helen Lindquist Bonny

1921 – May 25, 2010