school of piano

Kate Maingot

In the Gifford Youth Orchestra Piano Department, we teach children from age 3 – 18 to play the piano. 

What We Do

In our program, students begin by learning how to care for the instrument, how to read music, how to play the instrument, and how to perform with the instrument.

Sessions, Tuition, Summer Camp

Each year, the student is given a GYO Polo Shirt uniform, 48 weekly group lessons, free summer camp and other summer activities; healthy snacks and meals, and special field trips to such cultural events as: symphony orchestras, the ballet, the opera, Gospel concerts, and/or college campus with a performance on that stage. 

Classes are scheduled M-F with the Music Director

Tuition for All GYO Classes is $2,500 per year


Parents who agree to attend one parent meeting per month and participate in group fundraising events can apply for scholarships for tuition to help reduce fee to as little as $20 monthly for group lessons.

Once enrolled, students can expect to receive: list all the things like free summer camp, string instrument, etc.


As the student becomes ready for performances, they are included in the Annual GYO Concerts, recitals, programs, and special events for other agencies, groups, or individuals.

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