I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning” ― Plato

GYO Since 2003

Music and Cultural Arts Education for Children age 3 – 18

Annual 2019 Concert

We are Tigers:

In honor of the community togetherness that existed when Gifford had its own high school, we have re-ignited the mascot that brought many folks to their feet to cheer for their children.  We hope to reinstate that old feeling of community togetherness that over rides the difference in creed, age, and financial standing.  We are the Gifford Tigers with a gentle spirit of nurturing and caring for each other, a ferocious consciousness for excellence, and the ability to adapt to whatever is put before us.

As a 501(c)3, we are totally dependent on contributions. If you choose to help, either click on the above donate button and/or join us at our Annual Fundraiser,

Crystals on the Beach!

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A Salute to the 100% Who Enrolled in College!

To date, the GYO has put violins into the hands of 226 students.  More importantly, a recent audit reported that  77% of GYO students who stayed in the program at least 3 years  have graduated high school and gone to college. Of the students who stay in the Gifford Youth Orchestra until they graduate from high school, 100% have enrolled in college. We salute the 100%!

When you purchase a ticket to
"Crystals at the Beach"
you help the GYOrchestra:
  • Provide a student with a violin and carrying case,
  • Provide replacements for shoulder rest, new strings, bow, and resin (strings break, bows get old, and resin disappears!),
  • Provide 2 GYO Uniform Polo Shirt for a year (some children grow so fast they need 2 each year),
  • Provide free music summer camp, field trip to college campus, classical and jazz music concerts, and stage productions,
  • Provide 48 – 96 private classes, music books and music stands,
    • And provide healthy snacks and healthy meals, when we meet again (in person) . . . and much more!

To purchase a ticket, look at auction items, make a donation . . . please click here.

Thank you for donating to the GYO. I will continue to play my violin!

772-213-3007 P. O. Box 691166, Vero Beach FL, 32969 gyotigers@gmail.com

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