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Joan Haar

Director of Music

Bachelor of Music Ed. from Nyack College, NY. Certified and taught in NY, KY, and FL public schools and private instruction; ten years of afterschool string classes in several Indian River County public and private schools years. Director of Music Gifford Orchestra eight years.

Linda Spiwak

Coach for Soloists

Deborah Pelt

Silver Strings Music Teacher

Graduated Indian River Charter School 2014.  Student at Indian River State College. Seven years in GYO 1st String Performing Ensemble.

Dr. Crystal Bujol, PhD.

Performing Arts Instructor

Founder and Artistic Director Gifford Youth Orchestra.  Pianist, pipe organist, composer, arranger, and conductor for choirs, TV, and vocal groups for 52 years. Public Speaker 40 years, Toastmaster 4 years.