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How Music Works

The Study of Classical Music is a
Proven Stimulus of Cognitive Development.
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It ignites the intellect and forms path-ways for the intellect to follow in all areas of study. It encourages self-expression, socialization, communication, development of fine motor skills, focus, curiosity and creativity.

Orchestra members learn many  styles of music, but through classical training they acquire the essential techniques to perform and teach music of all types.  With these skills and know-ledge, they have the opportunity to earn a living in the field of music.

Our program teaches students to read music, play stringed instruments, study other  performing arts, become better students, value citizenship as active agents in the community, build healthy social skills, develop positive relationships with people, parents and teachers and gain confidence and self-esteem by performing before live audiences.

Through this community project, more than 118 students, ages 6 to 18, have studied, practiced and performed classical music, and other performing arts.  In the course of a student’s participation in The Gifford Community Youth Orchestra, prospects for their future have been altered significantly.  All of our high school graduates are now enrolled in colleges!  100%! (See page "Where Are They Now)

The purpose of The Gifford Youth Orchestra is to provide a professional, creative environment for students’ participation and self -expression, and for the development of critical thinking skills and positive strategies for academic success in public school, in institutions of higher learning and in life.



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