Gifford Youth Orchestra

More violins - Better Tomorrows

GYO Board VP, Dr. Elaine Word and #1 Volunteer, Michael Lewis

Special Honorees Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Corine Trapp

Master of Ceremonies, zaque Greuber, Mom -  Joann Grueber and friend Dory Howie

GYO Musicians Greeting Mr. & Mrs. Driver

Chanton Taylor and

we were lucky:  The crystal gazing celebration was scheduled early enough that the show went on!  Here are some photos from the March 7th Celebration

Brothers Jim and Larry Parks

Reception Table With GYO Parents

Half the Guests w/ UUFVB Folks


Cathy and Dick Early Arrivals

gyo Performing Artists' table

George Blythe and Jim  Daly

gyo Performing Artists' table

The Other Half W/ COMMISSIONER Flesher

Mark Wygonik, Parent and Linda Rollins

The Other Half W/ COMMISSIONER Flesher