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The Gifford Florida Youth Orchestra’s  Circles of Support Honors the Historical Building Blocks by People of Many Colors to American Music.  You will find our many magnificent donors' names in these circles.


Would you like to add your name in one of these 2020-2021 musical notes?  Based on your contributions between the fiscal year July 1 to June 30, your name becomes one of the notes in our annual symphony of support that provides music education for the children of Gifford, Florida and its neighboring communities.    

German born Ludwig Van Beethoven is considered Europe’s greatest classical music composer.  His ancestors were Moors (Black people), North African Muslims who conquered parts of Europe and made Spain their capital for over 800 years. One of Beethoven's homes in Vienna, Austria, the music capitol of Europe at the time, was called "the Schwarzspanierhaus," the "House of the Black Spaniard."  Beethoven was one of the most innovative and amazing musical geniuses, ever. His deafness made that genius even more so. His music reveals a cultural connection to his African ancestry. He was the first composer to invigorate European classical music with an inherently African rhythmic trait.

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Beethoven Circle: Gifts Between $100 and $249.99