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More violins - Better Tomorrows


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       mission statement

Gifford, Florida Youth Orchestra, Inc.

Mission Statement


As a contribution to the idea of

breaking the cycles of poverty,

our mission is


To provide education, experience, and training in various cultural and performing arts, including music, drama, dance, and the vocal arts for the youth of Gifford, Florida (and neighboring Indian River County communities), with a core focus on mastering stringed instruments. 


        in memory of             annie laura powell 

Annie Laura Powell

"Our Children Are Being Left Behind!

What Are You Going to do

About it??"


Joan Haar

Set the Tone

in 2003

Senior Music Director

Strings Department


Luke Pelt 

Joined in 2010

Graduating Senior 2020




Sue Lorimier

Brings Her Gift in 2016




Piano Class



I would teach children

music, physics, and philosophy;

but most importantly music,

for the patterns in music and

all the arts are the keys to learning”

― Plato


      intention statement

Gifford, Florida Youth Orchestra, Inc.

Intention Statement


~ More Violins ~

~ Less Violence ~

~ Better Tomorrows ~

Is our slogan


Each One Teach One

Is our motto


"Off the Street – On the Stage"

Is our theme


          Dr. Crystal Bujol                  GYO Founder and                 Artistic  Director



         the tiger logo:          meaning and purpose  

In honor of the community togetherness that existed when Gifford, Florida had its own high school, we have re-ignited the mascot that brought many folks to their feet to cheer for their children.  We hope to reinstate that old feeling of community togetherness that over rides the difference in creed, age, and financial standing.  We are the Gifford Tigers with a gentle spirit of nurturing and caring for each other, a ferocious consciousness for excellence, and the ability to adapt to whatever is put before us.





                 the  prayer 

May we always lift our children to higher and higher ground that their consciousness may be expanded, their involvement with community enriched, their personal development be empowered and their hope, dreams and reality of better tomorrows be manifested . . . gracefully, powerfully, and spiritually.  May the blessings of goodness follow them and pour out over their heads and down their shoulders and around their feet with consistency, good health, kindness and compassion as they step into the bright world of life, light, and love.  !  May we all do what is necessary to contribute to this glorious vision for the Gifford Youth Orchestra Children . . . and all children who wish it to be.  And so it is and so may it ever be


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The Gifford Youth Orchestra

501(c)3 Corporation since 2010


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We  ask for your help --  need it more than ever!

More than ever in our history, we have to ask for your investment in our program.  If we are to keep our children engaged and moving forward with their critical music education, we need special teachers and teaching arrangements, more individual classes on Zoom, and more program hours!  Because we are keeping our staff on payroll, we just have to ask for your help -- for your support, and for your investments.


               Contact Us

By US Mail:

P O Box 691166
Vero Beach, FL  32969


By Telephone:



Rehearsals and Classes at Various Locations in Gifford and Vero Beach.    





27th- Annual GYO Student Production, Virtual Black History Program 2:00 pm. 



 7th - Crystal Gazing Celebration



May 5th Cinco de Mayo Virtual Celebration

Trio Upward Bound Graduation Music



June 17th - Juneteenth Day Virtual Celebration



Saturday, 20th ~ GYO 18th Annual Concert, 2 pm at the Gifford Community Center or Virtual on You Tube and Facebook


Hopeful Events!

December 8th - GYO Student Awards Banquet at the Gifford Community Center 

December 24th, Annual GYO Students Performance for children at the Hibiscus Society  


      . . . we are still                    open for business . . .

.Don’t give up on us and think we can’t get anything done with the Covid-19 virus swirling around us. We are open for business electronically and 57 students are receiving one on one lessons via Zoom. Our staff figured out a way to deliver to all the children the music materials  they need to practice and rehearse at home. The children and parents are very appreciative and enthusiastic about our new way of “keeping the kids off the street and ready for the stage.” Our next bold move is to hold a Zoom summer concert so stat tuned and get ready for front row seats.

Our new way of operating means we are continuing to keep our staff fully employed and in some cases we are providing special financial support to help our families have food on their table. As you heard us say before we are a “village, everyone counts, everyone gets the help they need to succeed.



We have placed violins, violas and cellos and piano/keyboards 

in the hands of  over 221 young people from 2003 to 2020. 


The Gifford Youth Orchestra changes lives. It gives children reasons to hope and to dream.  The GYO gives tools to children who want to step up and express life in the theater of life!  The GYO teaches children to decode the mysteries of symbols, lines, shapes by providing music education.   The GYO gives children skills to perform in front of audiences at banquets, celebrations, and on the stage.  The GYO spotlights children who are often  overlooked because they didn't have artistic and cultural opportunities in their early public school education.   The GYO says to those children, "Oh, Yes!  You, too, can!"  The GYO uplifts an entire community.   And, for that reason, We accept donations to provide instruments, music books, supplies and equipment, and the best staff of teachers to the members of our orchestral Village.  


2020 - 2021 Donors awards - thank you for investing in better tomorrows

















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