Gifford Youth Orchestra

More violins - Better Tomorrows

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Gifford Youth Orchestra's

16th Annual String Concert

"Silver Strings"

Celebrating 16 years of

Music Education

that keeps children

"Off the Street

and On the Stage!"


Because Silver is the gift for 16th anniversary

We have chosen Silver Strings for our theme


The Concert will be held at 


Gifford Community Center

4875 43rd Avenue,

Gifford, FL 32967


Saturday, November 2, 2019


2:00 P.M.

(Doors open at 1:30 P.M.)



Did you ever hear this about teaching hungry people how to fish?  "Teach a woman how to fish and she feeds the whole community!"  Marissa Rollins not only did it for herself -- but she is now teaching others to do the same!   (read below)


Marissa Rollins


In 2007 she put her name on the GYO Roll and picked up her first violin.  Beginning in 2012, one after another, she added her name to the Vero Beach High School: Concert, Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras.

In 2014, holding on to her violin, she began her studies at the University of South Florida.

in 2019, with her BA and Teaching Credentials in hand, still holding her violin, again, and signed a contract to teach violin to all the children in grades K-5 at Lincoln Elementary Magnet School in Plant City, Florida.  


You invested in her education through the small community of Gifford, Florida, but the ripples of your dollars are now blessing children 120 miles on the other side of the state. 

Did you ever imagine that your dollars could stretch so far? 

Did you ever imagine your donation could help so many children stay

off the street and on the stage?   

You made the difference!


To provide education, experience, and training in various cultural and performing arts, including music, drama, dance, and the vocal arts for the youth of Gifford, Florida (and neighboring Indian River County communities), with a core focus on mastering stringed instruments.


More Violins ~ Better Tomorrows  - Is Our Slogan

Each One Teach One - Is Our Motto

Off the Street and on the Stage is our mission




          Thirty-Two of our Fifty-Six children on the stage!


We teach children to play the violin,

viola, cello, piano and use their melodious voices to

"Build Bridges for Better Tomorrows!"

100% of our high school graduates are either enrolled in --
or have completed their education at the college of their choice.


We currently offer lessons in:


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Welcome to the Gifford Youth Orchestra or GYO for short. We are extremely proud of the members of our Orchestra, who have dedicated countless hours to practice and rehearsals to improve their individual musical proficiency as well as the overall excellence of the Orchestra.


We have placed violins, violas and cellos in the hands of over 160 young people from 2003 to 2018. 


The Gifford Youth Orchestra changes lives. It gives children reasons to hope and to dream.  The GYO gives tools to children who want to step up and express life in the theater of life!  The GYO teaches children to decode the mysteries of symbols, lines, shapes by providing music education.   The GYO gives children skills to perform in front of audiences at banquets, celebrations, and on the stage.  The GYO spotlights children who are often  overlooked because they didn't have artistic and cultural opportunities in their early public school education.   The GYO says to those children, "Oh, Yes!  You, too, can!"  The GYO uplifts an entire community.   And, for that reason, We accept donations to provide instruments, instruction and sheet music to the members of our orchestra.   (See our list of what a student receives from a tuition scholarship.) Below you will find the names of others who believe in who we are and what we do . . . 


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Contact Us

By US Mail:

P O Box 691166
Vero Beach, FL  32969


By Telephone:



Rehearsals and Classes at:

Gifford Community Center
4855 43rd Avenue
Vero Beach, FL 32967   


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19th- Spring Piano Recital (3 pm)January

·  5th-Cultural Council Performance at Riverside Park

·  19th-MLK Banquet @ GYAC (Dr. Bujol & Iva taking some Intermediates & Advanced Students)

·  27th- Winter Piano Recital, 3 PM at Emerson Center



·  9th- Mulligans Fundraiser -CANCELLED via Iva

·  10th- GYO Strings Performance At Northside Agape Church, 10 AM, 3790 45th St. 32967

·  23rd- Annual GYO Student Production, Black History Program 2:00 pm at the Gifford Community Center 




·  16th- 57th Street Publix Bucket Drop (9 a - 5 p)



·  6th- 57th Street Publix Bucket Drop (9 a - 5 p)



  • 19th- Spring Piano Recital (3 pm)





·  8th - 13th- Mike Block String Camp and Concert


GYO Summer Camp - Date TBA


August    ·  



·  7th- 57th Street Publix Bucket Drop (9 a - 5 p)



·  11th, 12th and 13th - Sam’s Club Bucket Drop (9 a - 5 p)



·  Saturday, 2nd ~ GYO 16th Annual Concert, 3 pm at the Gifford Community Center


                  ·  Tuesday, December 10th, GYO Student Awards Banquet at the Gifford Community Center 

                  ·  On or near Friday, December 20th, GYO Students perform for children at the Homeless Family Center

                  ·  Tuesday, December 24th, GYO Students Perform for children at the Hibiscus Society